• SHMURGERliscious

    amazing food........ prepared with love and served with a smile


    Open 7.00am to 9.00pm

  • Breakfast HUB

    Eggs, Brioche, Bacon, Pastries and....... FREE Coffeee

    Shmurger Cafe  has launched. Come down and Check out our  Shmurgeliscious Breakfast menu. 


    plus,,,, FREE COFFEE with every Breakfast Meal before 12

    Current Promo 

    Bali Lockdown Promo - 60K gets you either

    - A Classic Burger, with FREE FRIES,,,,, Yes,,,, FREE FRIES

    - A Crispy Chicken Box, Roast Chicken Box or Fish and Chips Box, or

    - A Crackling Pork Meal or Bututu Chicken Meal

    Burgers To Die For

    Juicy Patty coupled with a Rich Brioche Bun

    Our burgers are amazeballs,,,,,,, Prime Beef, Succulent Chicken, Sensational Barra and our own Veggie Shmurger, try one,,,,,, we dare you


    Really,,, try one, it will blow your mind

    Bali Flavors that will Captivate your Tastebuds

    To tired to cook, Take home a meal for the whole family

    Whole Chicken wrapped in Banana leaf and cooked in Betutu  Spices

    Crackling Pork slow roasted in Balinese Guling Spices 


    Sound Good? .. add a few sides to make a complete family meal 

    Fun Snacks for the Kids

    Meals and Snacks to keep the hungriest kids satisfied

    Whether they need a snack or a meal, Shmurger has the kids covered, with favorites like Cheeseburgers, Fish and Chips and Popcorn Chicken.


    Kid + Food = Peace

  • Our philosophy



    Source Local

    Where possible we source our ingredients from Local Suppliers, ensuring our menu is fresh, authentic and supports our local community.


    Cook Smart

    We use the latest technology to prepare, store and cook our menu, ensuring food hygiene and delivering quality meals that retain their flavor every time.


    Go Green

    We will deliver our meals to your door, or your table, using eco friendly packaging and with respect to the amazing environment Bali provides.



    We respect ourselves, our customers and our community at all times. This means doing what we say, and delivering on our promises

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    WHATSAPP +62 812-3676-3328

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